Zas came home from work to find Cameron on the computer as usual. He walked grumpily over to the couch and turned on the tv. He was looking for a channel to watch when Cameron noticed him sitting there.

“How was work?” He asked. He kept his eyes on the computer monitor and his hands moving over the keyboard. Zas was impressed with the man’s talent with electronics for sure, but found it creepy talking to someone who wasn’t listening to him.

“Good. I got promoted. I’m an Executive Chef now. Not that means a whole lot of difference to me.” He said.

“That’s cool. You’re a good cook. I like your food, tastes better than anything I’ve ever made. I also got a promotion at work. I’m now a code Monkey.” Cameron said laughing. “If only they knew eh?”

Zas had to agree. He’d been watching Cameron code on the computer since he had come to live with them. A small promotion at a company like that was unbelievably beneath Cameron. Zas didn’t know how he stood to downplay himself like that. It would drive Zas nuts, it was driving him nuts actually. A fact that seemed to amuse Cameron to no end.

Both men continued what they were doing separately, every once in awhile they’d make a comment on what the other was upto. Zas made drinks and Cameron put in an order, Zas really shook his drink until his temper simmered down.


When Ezza walked in the house after his shift he found both Cameron and Zas ignoring each other purposely. Zas leapt of the couch and gave Ezza a hug which Ezza returned a little confused. Zas had been more touchy-feely since Cameron moved in. Cameron got up and gave him a slap on the shoulder as a welcome home gesture.

They shared an awkward dinner together, Ezza keeping the conversation going for all three of them. They had found out that Cameron worked at Rainy Day Entertainment until now as a low level programmer. It was how he kept his ear to the ground for his network. He kept tabs on the Military movements and on possible outs and aliens that he could smuggle out. Zas had stumbled into his network and it hadn’t taken long to put two and two together. Cameron explained that Little Haven was a town that didn’t exist anymore. Weapons testing had killed the populace. Now it was military installation that enemies and crashed aliens were taken to to be experimented on. Both men shuddered at that. After dinner Ezza went into his room and got out the sheets and bedding that Cameron used on their couch. Then all three turned in for the night.


The next day Zas and Ezza went outside to do their calisthenics, they invited Cameron to join them, but he waved them off, his face glued to the computer screen. Every once in a while he would check his phone. Sometimes he would smile and others he would frown, neither men could figure out what was going on. They kept tabs on him through the windows as they stretched. Occasionally he would make a call. Finally as they were cooling down, Cameron came out of the house and just about tripped over Zas.

“Sorry Muffins, I have to leave for a bit. Try not to miss me too much. You both have my number so if you feel lonely and need a big boy cuddle call me, I’ll come running.” He said blowing a kiss at Zas. Ezza laughed as Zas pulled off his shoe and threw it at Cameron telling him bugger off. In their own way Zas and Cameron were getting along fabulously. Ezza was kind of jealous actually.

After a light dinner, both men went to the living room. There they sat and started talking about things happening in their lives. Ezza started telling Zas about how his relationship was progressing with Dina, and how upset Katrina had been acting every time he came over. How she would always pepper him with questions and then get upset about the answers. This seemed to please Zas immensely. Both men were having a great time.


Cameron sat down on the stool. They were in their regular bar. Sergio pushed a glass in front of Cameron. He smiled and accepted the drink.



“What did you want to talk about?” Cameron asked him glancing discreetly around the bar. No one seemed overly interested in them, or looked out of place.

“Well you know that case we’ve been working on together. The one with the faulty recovery data?” Sergio asked him. Cameron knew the code well, so this was about his little friends.

“Of course, but I tend to leave my work at work. I don’t like to think about it on my downtime.” Cameron warned him. Sergio nodded, he understood he had to be careful. Taking a sip of his drink Sergio continued on.

“I know, but this time I can’t help it. I’m worried. The military has started looking into the same program we are. Were going to have to fix the mistakes in the code quickly and get it out there before the military finds their use for the program. Then everything will change.” Sergio said. Sergio was a straight shooter, and did find this slightly thrilling, but he had a hard time coming up with coded phrases that made sense. Cameron chuckled at his little pun.

“I see that is troubling. However there’s nothing I can do about it until Monday. I have a friends children with me. You know how we’ve been thinking about adopting for awhile, well we borrowed a friends two boys for a bit. They’re a lot of work.” Cameron let out a tired sigh. Sergio let out a laugh.

“Sounds like it’s too much work right now. Maybe you’d better give up for a while.” Sergio said meaning every word of it. “Children are no easy task my friend. Why do you think I don’t have any?”



“I wish I had the option, but if it will keep my Love happy, I’m willing to try it.” Cameron did. He felt tired just saying it. If only that would solve the problems in his personal life right now he’d do it in a heartbeat. Downing the rest of his drink he stood.

“Well if that’s all, I have my temporary babies to get back to.” Cameron said. He started walking to the door, but didn’t miss Sergio’s be careful with the kiddies warning. As he stepped outside, he was careful to walk slowly as if everything was fine. He pulled out his cellphone dialled.

“How are the kiddies doing? Small miracles I guess. Look I’ll be home soon. Of course I love you. Alright sleep tight.” Cameron said into the phone. Kissing whoever was on the other end over the phone, he repocketed his cell. He began to make a mental list of all the people he had to contact over the secure server. Maybe they hadn’t fully avoided the Hunter at the party after all. Well, time to get things rolling, and if it doesn’t work out right at least it won’t be his head on the chopping block; although he did feel a slight twinge about poor Sergio. He began whistling as he walked home hands in his pockets.

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