Life’s Surprises

Ezza lifted his arm and gave a little sniff. He liked the smell of his new deodorant, and he knew Dina did too, which made him like it even more. Assured that he smelled good, he finished getting ready. Zas and Cameron were working today and Dina didn’t have to go into Make A Dish today, so they were going on a date.

Ezza had just finished buttoning his shirt when the doorbell rang. A smile spread across his face as he walked to the door. He could see Dina standing outside the glass doors waving excitedly at him. He waved back and opened the door. Dina flung herself into his arms and kissed him.

“Mmm, you smell nice.” Dina said taking a deep breath as rested her head on his chest. Ezza smiled.

“You smell good too.” He said to her. Dina giggled. And then stood on her own.

“Well we should get going. I don’t want it to be too busy when we get there.” She said motioning for Ezza to join her at her car.

“Where are we going exactly?” Ezza asked her as he followed her to her car. Once they were in and Dina had started the car she turned towards him.

“Shopping.” Was all she said, and then they started driving. Ezza looked out the window and smiled. He’d pick a cute dress for Dina this time for sure.


They arrived at Magnolia Promenade shortly after lunch. After parking the car, Ezza stretched beside it for a moment and then joined Dina.

“Where to boss Lady?” He asked her teasingly.

“Well Man servant, I thought we’d go try on some clothes for you. I mean I love what you’re wearing, but uh, it’s nice to have choice?” Dina finished a little lamely.

Ezza looked at her through squinted eyes for a moment. He watched as Dina fidgeted while holding a nervous smile on her face. He waited a moment more until it looked like she was about to explode.

“Okay, but only if you try on some as well. Also, I want something chic but formal.” He said walking towards the clothing store.

“Really?” Dina asked dumbfounded. She hurried to catch up to Ezza. This was new, Ezza could be quite stubborn about his clothes. This was shaping up to be a great date.

Inside J&S Clothiers people were walking around looking at all the display models. Dina grabbed Ezza’s hand to make sure they wouldn’t get lost walking around looking at the clothes. Dina tried on a few dresses, but didn’t seem satisfied with anything she was looking at. Ezza also tried on a few outfits that Dina thought he’d look good in. After laughing their hearts out, they wandered around looking at the lotions and accessories.


“I think this one would for your skin.” Dina said holding it out towards Ezza. He reluctantly took the bottle from her hands and started reading the label.

“It’s also almost half my pay check. Why would I buy this when I could make my own lotion at home from the garden at half the cost. It won’t be fancy like this but it’ll work.” Ezza said going to place the bottle back on the shelf. Dina reached out and stopped him.

“You know I’m usually frugal, however every once in awhile you need to splurge. It’s not about the ingredients; well I mean it is, but it’s also about the packaging, and the image that goes with it. It’s about the way it makes you feel to spend that much on one product and how it makes you feel to do it.” Dina said trying to convince him. Ezza looked down at the bottle still in his hand, then he snorted.

“It makes me feel stupid. I spent a wasteful amount of money on lotion I could have made at home and probably better quality too.” He said finally putting the bottle back on the shelf. He turned to walk away when Dina spoke again.

“Probably, but I wouldn’t want to rub your chunky mushroom and ripped leaf lotion on your body. This smooth, nice smelling lotion I would slather you in.” She sounded almost bored, like she knew she couldn’t convince him and it was just her duty to say it.

Ezza back tracked the few steps he had taken and grabbed the lotion off the shelf and then started walking towards the cashier. Dina followed along behind him giggling quietly the whole time.


A little while later they found themselves outside Chez Llama. Dina tugged at the hem of the dress she had worn for their date. She was feeling a little self conscious about her clothing choice right now. When Ezza had said he wanted to visit a restaurant he had just heard about, she thought it would be a little Diner. This was a 5 star restaurant full of people judging people.

“Ezza, are you sure you want to eat here?” Dina asked uncertainly. Ezza nodded and held his hand out. Dina took it and they walked into the restaurant to be seated.

Dina kept looking around from behind her menu. She could feel people’s eyes boring into her. Ezza however seemed to feel right at home. He was looking at the menu and seemed puzzled over something.

“Ezza I think we should go. I mean I’m not really dressed for this restaurant and I don’t exactly fit their ideal customer profile.” Dina said. Ezza looked up for a brief moment and then went back to looking over the menu. His hand reached out and covered Dina’s. He gave her hand a little squeeze as if reassuring her.

“You are the most beautiful woman in here. No need to fret. If people are looking at you, then it’s just because they want to know your secret.” He said to Dina. Dina blushed and smiled. Ezza always knew what to say to her.

Soon after the waitress come and took their order. Ezza ordered the Spherized Fruit Gel, and a Simsmapolitan. Dina ordered a Honeyed World Fruit Charcuterie and a Soft Shadow Avorlino. As they waited for their food, they talked about the interior of the restaurant and the staff uniforms. They told each other about the restaurants they would open on their own if they could. Before long their food arrived.

Ezza found himself playing the guessing game with Dina that he normally played with Zas when they went out. As they guessed the cooking methods, ingredients, and spices involved with their dishes, Ezza couldn’t help but smile at the look on Dina’s face. She was beautiful. Dina finally gave him a poke with her fork.



“Hey! Pay attention to me.” She demanded in a teasing tone.

“Sorry” Ezza laughed. Dina blushed and their night continued. When Dina dropped him off at home later that night, he kissed her on the cheek and told her he’d see her soon. Dina blushed for several minutes after she watched him walk into his house. She felt so lucky. Truth be told she wanted to take things to the next level. She was going to ask Ezza to move in with her. She just needed to have another talk with the real estate company. She had found the cutest home for them, it was two bedrooms and a small backyard for a family. After all she was “late” and never had been before. She was going to take the test in a week. After all there was no rush and she had a few things to sort out first before she turned her life on its head.

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  1. bmitjessesue

    Oooooh, apple doesn’t fall far from the older sister now does it. Even if she plays it more cleverly, than down right in your face like her sister does. They are still cute as a couple though. I wish it could work out in the end.

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