Stranded On Earth



Chapter 1 Damages
Chapter 2 Contact
Chapter 3 Of Exploration and Friendship
Chapter 4 Oma’s Helping Hand
Chapter 5 The Afterglow
Chapter 6 Everyone Needs A Day At The Spa
Chapter 7 Maria, Maria, Mar…Katrina!
Chapter 8 Enter The Goths
Chapter 9 Who’s A Drama Queen?
Chapter 10 Can Human’s Live Without Skulls?
Chapter 11 Madness, Madness Everywhere!
Chapter 12 What Happens At The Dinner Party…..
Chapter 13 The Date
Chapter 14 Going Home
Chapter 15 The Past
Chapter 16 The Vacation Part 1- Hurt Feelings
Chapter 17 The Vacation Part 2- Plans
Chaper 18 What’re You Doing?
Chapter 19 Goodbye My…Love? 
Chapter 20 Favours
Chapter 21 Loyalties
Chapter 22 Lifes Suprises
Chapter 23 Human’s Love Holidays
Chapter 24 Never Panic, It Never Helps
Chapter 25 The End of the Beginning
Chapter 26 Life Gives You Lumps 
Chapter 27 A Humour and Hijinks Festival Is No Place For Love