Midnight Sun Challenge


A Word From The Writer

Chapter 1 Day One Is A Nifty Title
Chapter 2 Let’s Hear It For Shiny Things
Chapter 3 They Can’t All Be Winners
Chapter 4 Maybe Good Surprises Come In Jelly Form?
Chapter 5 Bill Collectors Are Everywhere.
Chapter 6 The Great Chicken Debate
Chapter 7 First Order
Chapter 8 Strange Salads
Chapter 9 Here There Be Sharks!
Chapter 10 It’s Too Good To Be True…….
Chapter 11 Let The Daily Monogamy Begin
Chapter 12 If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck
Chapter 13 You Thought it Only Lasted for one Day?
Chapter 14 It’s Starting to Feel a lot Like…
Chapter 15 Some People Are Just Completely Clueless
Chapter 16 You Thought I Was Kidding About The Boring Stuff
Chapter 17 Finally We Might Be Getting A Clue
Chapter 18 Call Me Mrs. Scuba
Chapter 19 The Punishment
Chapter 20 Vacations Are Always Nice, It’s Travelling That Sucks
Chapter 21 Just Because You Used To Play in Dirt…….
Chapter 22 Romance is For Those Who Believe It Exists
Chapter 23 A Note From The Author
Chapter 24 Things Are Not Always What The Seem
Chapter 25 Who Builds A Fire Pit In A Tomb!?
Chapter 26 Romance That Lasts Throughout The Ages
Chapter 27 Nowhere To Go and Still Happy
Chapter 28 So, This Is My Life?
Chapter 29 Of Magic and Alligators
Chapter 30 Let The Games Begin!
Chapter 31 Goodbye