A Word From the Writer

This is my very first challenge. It also happens to be my very first blog. So, I hope you’ll have some patience with it (and me.) I guess I should start this off by telling you, I’ve played this game, and all the previous ones for years. I’m just socially awkward when it comes to chatrooms and player boards. … [Read more…]

Day One is a Nifty Title

Day One Greta Coe washed up on the shore of an island all alone. She knew when she had boarded that party boat for her mothers birthday party that something was going to go wrong. She just figured it would be another one her mothers “set-up” attempts.So when she wished the boat would sink, she hadn’t … [Read more…]

Let’s Hear it for Shiny Things

Day Two Upon waking up, Greta realized that he pep-talk she had given herself last night really did help. So, she gave herself another one this morning. Using the shower (which miracle of miracles) seemed to work adequately enough, she took a cold but much needed shower. Another small breakfast of found cereal and she was out … [Read more…]

They Can’t All be Winners

Day Three She couldn’t believe it! After finally relaxing and deciding to face her future head on, She had woken up late. She quickly hopped out of bed and ate a cold breakfast of cereal. A short freezing cold shower later, she was washing her dishes when the water started spurting out of  the sink! After … [Read more…]

Maybe Good Surprises come in Jelly Form?

Day Four Today was going to be a great day! Greta was absolutely sure of it when she woke up. She had some bread and jam, and then hit the shower. Going up to the surface, she discovered the sun was shining, the air crisp and clean, and it was warm. No more freezing for … [Read more…]

Bill Collectors are Everywhere

Day Five Looking back on it, Greta realized today had been topsy-turvy, but in a good way. First, she woke up and had breakfast and a shower. She must be acclimatizing to her surroundings better because the ice cold shower didn’t seem that cold today. Going outside, it was a beautiful summer day again. Just … [Read more…]

The Great Chicken Debate

Day Six Waking up feeling totally refreshed, thanks to being lulled to sleep by that thunderstorm last night, Greta grinned to herself. Not long ago, she remembered being terrified of the thunderstorms out here. Yup, life was pretty good right now. After a quick breakfast and a shower, she went upstairs. Checking on the mailbox, … [Read more…]

First Order

Day Seven After getting up this morning and getting ready to head out, Greta grabbed her bag and found it was heavy. Looking inside, she discovered a few gems she had forgotten about collecting. Putting them aside, she hefted her stuff outside, and noticed some stuff along the beach. A white mushroom,  and a grape … [Read more…]

Strange Salads

Day Eight Waking up this morning, Greta noticed a new machine in her house. Wondering what it was, she went to look at it and discovered it was the gem cutting machine she had ordered. Gasping in shock, she wondered when it had been brought in! She hadn’t heard anyone come in, surely she would … [Read more…]

Here There be Sharks!

Day Nine Totally the best day ever! Greta woke up determined to make that raccoon stop laughing at her! Only when she woke up, there was no raccoon, no bunnies, and the walls were fine. Oh gosh! What had she eaten? Maybe no more salad until she learned a bit more about the plants on … [Read more…]